New Website Update For the New Year ~ Etsy Problem Software

I’ve been sprucing up the shop and getting ready for 2015 in between the work on the agenda in the workshop.  This new shop layout is very easy to use and to see the books being made as well as the options available.

On another note I wanted to let people know that at the moment I’m rethinking my Etsy shop.  I started with the Etsy shop but they have had so many problems through the years with shop software I opened up my own website 2 years ago.  At any rate, this was the latest problem in a string of problems with Etsy technology.  The promotion ads on Etsy started without my knowledge and because there is NO indication in the Dashboard or front of the shop that it was running I didn’t know until the end of the month’s bill came in.  The staff refused to believe that I did NOT intentionally start it up.   So when something happens like this one realizes how completely vulnerable to the SNAFUS of technology an online shop owner is particularly if you don’t set things up.   I was not happy with the staff’s handling of this because Etsy makes millions each year and purports to support the small business person and yet they won’t refund $100? nor believe an individual who has been victimized by the software setup?  I think that their default setting must be to have it checked “yes” “promote new listings” and they updated their software and it went back to this default setting.  I know it was correctly turned off in October, November and 1/2 of December so how did it come on???? …. and so an extra $100 not budgeted for this month is in my bill.   I see in the Etsy forum there have been lots of problems with the promote ads but none of this seems to matter.  Apparently it is always the sellers who are a fault.  At any rate, while I ponder whether to stay open in Etsy or not, if you want to buy something, my own shop is still open at and you contact me through my website and I will be happy to answer your questions asap.



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