Settling In, Creating Your Own Design

Been working on several projects this week and some new things as well.  I have made several revisions to my offerings as well.  For example:  One book which I renewed was a moss green book or celedon green with a very pretty  floral done in guipure.  That was a one of a kind but I realized I have many beautiful designs which would lend themselves to this idea so I decided to let you choose which one you wanted rather than making up a OOAK and then that is it for the lace, if you wanted a different color silk uh oh….   So this is why I put the lace ideas up as the first image, to make you know that this is completely your creation, so many have gone before you and now it is your turn.

Lace available OOAK Lace Wedding Guest Book, Photo Guest Book
Lace for Guipure Wedding Guest Book, by

3 thoughts on “Settling In, Creating Your Own Design

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