News from the Workshop

Well the Spring Madness sale is in full swing with my first weekend and while you all hunting for your favorites these next couple weekends (and I do mean favorites hint hint) I’m busy in my workshop working away on a couple of new projects.

One is the design and implementation of new designs with custom Monogramming in Guipure Lace.   I’m reviving an ancient art form know by the french as “guipure d’art” learning the technique that created so many of those lovely things that I have already put on OOAK books but with a modern twist. See pictures below.  Ancient Guipure was a lace made of thin vellum, covered with gold, silver, or silk thread, and the word Guipure derives its name from the silk when thus twisted round vellum being called by that name. In process of time the use of vellum was discontinued.  Guipure lace was called intelle à cartisane in
England in the sixteenth century. Various modern laces are called Guipure, but the word is misapplied, since Guipure lace is that kind only where one thread is twisted round another thread or another substance, as in the ancient Guipure d’Art.  I know that there are serious lace makers out there doing equisite pieces of real art, but my humble attempts I hope will add to the special event of a bride by knowing that her monogrammed lace was created by hand.

I also wanted to thank you all for letting me know that you have been unable to reach me.  I wasn’t really aware till last week that my Etsy site was seriously in need of resuscitation because I have been so busy with other orders, I must apologize if you tried to reach me via Etsy mail and wasn’t able to do so, and for the treasury listers thank you I will be sure to look at all the work you did at promoting my books…. but I haven’t been receiving notices of treasury listings and they weren’t posting to the activity basically since mid-February.  So…. I’m working on it but until Etsy gets whatever is wrong with the server fixed please contact me directly through my email contact  business [!at]   thank you and ttys Debbie


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