New variation Wedding album, photo book, wedding guest book, chocolate roses

Just finished another set of books for clients, brides are getting adventurous and learning to mix and match using my custom made service.    This book in particular showed me a whole new side of this combination of lace and silk, and put together as a wedding photo guest book the bride is going to have a beautiful book for years to come.  My photo books, or photo albums have diversified into these combination photo guest books which I think is a fabulous way of telling a story both with pictures as a photo album but also as a guest book allowing guests to comment freely and leave their sentiments of the day.  I’ve decided to add this as a new variation on the original theme×11-rose-design-alencon-lace-champagne-silk-deluxe-photo-book-or-album-handmade-

See my new Chocolate Roses at: Chocolate Roses

Chocolate roses Alencon Lace over Chocolate Tussah Silk

Alencon Lace over Chocolate Tussah Silk

This has been a popular book with the Russian netting but without it on a darker silk such as the chocolate the alencon roses have a definite chance to shine.  A stellar wedding accessory for your reception or chocolate roses makes for a yummy coffee table book for that relaxed Sunday Morning browse through time.


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