Etsy Wedding Team Fall Challenge – OOAK Copper Silk 15×15 Photo Album

Getting Ready for the EWT Fall Challenge and doing a weeks worth of work in my other businesses so been hectic. Sneek Peek of the cover that I’m working on. 🙂 This is a beautiful work of art and will be priced as art (unfortunately for the last minute bride sorry) but is a OOAK original point de gaz in mint condition displaying wheat shafts and leaves. I am sewing it to a large 15×15 board covered with copper charmeuse silk a custom color mix that I’ve hand dyed and a new color that I’m adding to my shops because it is soooo beautiful…. and it shimmers just like a sheet of copper.

Deadline is the 25th so I have to get cracking …

Voting will be on the team blog. A voting widget will be used. 
-The challenge will run for 2 weeks.
-The prize will be a $50 giftcard…visa/mc/amex. 

I’m hoping at least one someone will vote me….
Also favorite my facebook and follow me on twitter…
Thanks a bunch Debbie


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