Etsy Relevancy Search is NOT working

For those of you trying to work the new relevancy search on Etsy it isn’t working, in fact in a recent quote from an Etsy on Auction Bytes they say
“Today we changed to relevancy exactly FOR the small shops, so that sellers with more money wouldn’t dominate the marketplace.”

So in other words if you have worked hard to develop your marketplace and clientele and build you product your now going to take a back seat to those who haven’t.  I’m only a year old business last June, and I’ve put alot into trying to develop my marketplace.  At any rate, I’m recommending to anyone who is listening, to use the old “RECENCY” search to find my stuff because despite my best efforts it accomodating the new search I am unable to be listed.  My traffic in my shop is down 65% and I have no new inquiries from this new search. 
Here is how to use the Recency search:

Click on Weddings category on the main page


Click on Either Albums or Guest book
and this should be recency search for the day.
If you happen to land on the “RELEVANT” by using the search box you can still see what has been most recently updated by clicking on drop down menu to the right at the top of the page and select most recent see below:


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