About Archival Papers and Inks

Many customers are confused by the dyes and inks used in modern printing and the colorization of papers.  The term archival and the importance of these terms when creating a permanent record of your wedding or other event. 

I use only archival papers, this means that the papers will not become brittle and brown around edges with time because there is no acid in the paper.  I use archival boards as well.  The acids in pulp papers are what brown the papers and gradually with time they will deteriorate. 

I also use only pigment inks and papers colored with pigments  this means that the printing and ink won’t fade out and will not react with sunlight.  Dyes used in papers sometimes will bleed and run which is why you want to demand that only archival papers or rag papers be used.  It well worth the price to spend on a book or album which is meant to last a life time.

My books are also sewn together with linen threads and reinforced with linen tape which is the library bound standard for archival quality books.

Also, be sure that you find a pen with pigment inks in them.  I recommend spending alittle extra to buy St Dupont Pens to be sure that your signatures etc last as well. 

Then also, the photographs, besure that your photographer is printing on high quality paper, with pigment inks and even if he/she says they do, keep the digital copies of your photos as a back up in case you need to replace a photo.

If you have any questions be sure to as convo me at Convo me at http://artbychapin.etsy.com

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