New Member of Etsy Wedding Team – Newest Dappled Leather Album

I recently was accepted to be a member of the Etsy Wedding Team.  I don’t know all that it does yet but they are a great bunch of people.  I’m learning the ropes gradually.  If you are a bride you can shop the EWT shops by in putting etsyweddingteam in the search square and then picking the category.  You’ll have the best quality goods in the wedding category.  Best Debbie

To see more about the team visit our site at or link up on twitter at!/etsyweddingteam

Check out my latest edition of Photo Album/ Memory Guest Books

I recently made my first leather album of dappled leather a beauty at 12×12 large enough for those beautiful pictures.  Can also come with glassine tissues between the pages Embossed with a free monogram or full names and dates.  I’m also offering archival boxes for these big boys to keep them in pristine condition for years to come.  Keep checking because each of these new albums will be different, no two alike.  Ready to ship with just the monogramming or custom order all tricked out. 


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