Guest Book – Champagne Gold Lace Wedding Guest Book, Alencon Embroidered Lace, Personalize, Handmade

This is an antique Alencon original lace in pale pinks and gold looks like Roccoco period or earlier and was a work of art created in needle and thread. The book wrapped pale handmade champagne silk and handmade alencon embroidered lace, in pink and gold. My own personal crocheted pearls of champagne gold cover and twist across the gold ribbon base. 100 pages of 85 lb Archival writing papers compose the interior ivory linen. Personalize this guest book with an inside signature page with your names, date and place. This is a made to order book until I can get another one made One piece of this particular lace left.

A little history below, Point d’Alencon was called a “winter” lace, on account of its being of a thick and firm make. This firmness is due to the cordonnet, and to this we owe the excellent preservation in which the lace is usually found, being far superior in this particular to Brussels point. The cordonnet in Alencon lace made in France is padded with horsehair ; occasionally specimens are found which have had the padding withdrawn, doubtless because of its tendency to shrink and draw up when washed. In Alencon lace, or Argentella, as it is called when made in Italy, the cordonnet is flat.

It was during the reigns of Louis XIV. and Louis XV. that Alencon was at the height of its glory. The most extravagant prices were paid for the lace ; not only were articles of clothing trimmed with it, but the beautiful fabric was used as bed furniture, valances, trimmings for bath covers, and bed spreads. Altars in the churches were hung with it, surplices of the priests trimmed with it, and the king gave away to his court favourites cravats, ruffles, and complete robes.


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