Looking Forward to the New Year

I have been really trucking with the books,  I had a slight hiccup in sewing books together recently but have since solved that problem so am in the process of putting together 9 new books which I will post here as they become available.  I am so pleased with the progress this year.  I see lots of room for improvement, don’t we all but I topped my first 100 sales in the 1/2 year that I was on Etsy.  My new goal is to double that in the next 6 months and to bring the new photojournals into main stream.  Very exciting.  I want to thank all the clients who have helped me get started and who have been so nice and good humored.  So many wonderful people out there it is a real joy to work with them.   Keep in touch  and have a wonderful holiday season… Here’s to a bright and happy new year.

Best Debbie

Also check out my giclees coming up this spring soon at http://deborahchapin.etsy.com


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