Champagne & White Antique Lace Facinator

I’m developing a new line of facinators with the antique lace.  I’ve been looking at the tremendous variety of “laces” which some look like the frilly things you associate with lace but most look like works of art with needle and thread.  It has amazed me that the variety is as varied as the country, time period and individual creator.  I’m putting up a selection of my new little treasure on Etsy and posting them here as a group to see more info see  also check back as I’ll be uploading some new ones soon also with another new project.  So many things so little time.
This one is Antique alencon edging wrapped around a one of a kind flower center with a little pearl center.
 A Bun Snood to the left with tiny little embroidered white roses covering net.  Just lovely.
A Fan design in antique alencon or it may even be point de gaz.  Lovely cream or ivory color

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